Students' Voices

Angelo Das Merces Joao, BSc

Why I joinded the MSc in Engineering Management Program?

As a Mechanical Engineer I have always aspired to grow beyond being an employee to having my own Design and Fabrication Workshops in the future. A dream that not only requires technical knowledge but also excellent management skills. The MSc in Engineering Management at TU Wien for me is the perfect choice to fulfil my dream as the program is tailor made for the growing and the increasingly competitive market. Learning from the diverse curriculum prepared and taught by internationally distinguished experts from a world class institution will help me to expand my knowledge horizons beyond the technical prism to diverse yet vital legal and economic topics. The time schedule also provides sufficient time to work in the industry and to practice what is learnt, thereby gaining actual knowledge and experience hand in hand.

Rahman Sultanli, BSc
BSH Service LLC

What will I do with my MSc degree in Engineering Management?

I heard about the MSc program in Engineering Management before I even planned to take part, since a good friend of mine had been participating in this program. As I have been in touch with him I liked the program he had been doing. But the main reason I took this program is to get knowledge about innovations in Engineering Management and to be more successful in our family business back in my home country.

Martin Metzger
Leitner AG

We are a small group of just eight students which enables our lectures to teach in a very interactive way.
Their scientific background and profound knowledge allow them to draw well explained connections between theory and application examples from industry.
In most of the courses case studies are used to discuss the theories.
It is great to have lecturers who are as international as the participants.

Maria Teresa Dominguez

The course materials are very up to date and accurately designed for each module, the lectures are very well focused to make the most of the high amount of information delivered in the timespan of one track. The IPads received at the beginning of the program are a great tool to read,  make annotations and save all the documents during the lectures. These are specially helpful, since all the material can be downloaded before every session  from the CECnet, where it remains available during the following modules.

Mohsen Heidari, BSc
Christopher F.tarn/Takasaki University

After many years being apart from university as a student, I was excited and nervous. But when I met my teachers and classmates I found that I have been too worry. I was welcomed warm and everyone was friendly and helpful. Study environment is very good and program is well managed.
First track was challenging for me but with proper effort of teachers and myself, I could have much concentration on subjects and therefore everything went well. It is delightful to be in this program and I’ll do my best.

Florian Ott, BSc
Café Himmelblau

At the very first day of the program I came well prepared with my bag full of drinks and biscuits to last the entire day. To my great surprise I found there was an assortment of snacks, plenty of water and a coffee machine provided! This made all of our breaks pleasant and we could start into the course filled with energy.

Martin Feldmann
Mining Business, Field service - Pump division

Enrollment process
Arriving back home from a business trip to Armenia I got in direct contact with CEC referring to my captured interest in the EM - program for further information. Ms. Wagner (Program Management) supported the key facts in a very professional manner and invited me to the 20th anniversary ceremony of this program where it was a great pleasure to meet a crucial audience and the program leader Professor Kopacek (Acedmic Director). He exemplified the admission process, main topics and after an outstanding individual admission interview and positive approval I got launched to this extraordinarily master program.

Dipl.Ing. José David Alvarez Privado

I studied electrical engineering at University of San Carlos de Guatemala. After leaving university with the degree of Licenciatura I gained working experience for 5 years in the electrical distribution area as well as in the energy sector of Central America. During my work I noticed that Engineers need more skills in Management to improve the performance of the company and achieve company’s goals. That’s why I was looking for a Master program which enables me to earn knowledge in business administration, project management and management information system with emphasis on engineering, which complements my technical abilities and allows me to better fulfill the requirements of the markets and company’s needs. That’s how I found on the web page of Continuing Education Center of TU Wien this master program which matches perfectly with my expectations.

Dipin Karal, BSc, India
PM Dimensions PVT LTD

Contents of Lectures

I feel the lectures contents are of high standard. The course material is well prepared - and each point is well defined.I liked the blended mixture of content which incorporate both PP slides, short movies on the content and active discussions on every point.With highly experience professors, you never feel any shortage on content part if you wish to get something more on a certain topic. The course material is available online on CECnet which helps a lot when you want to read it at home.

Perparim Nazifi, Kosovo
IPKO Telecommunications

What I will do after I finish my master’s studies...

“Currently, I am working as Operations and Maintenance Manager in a telecommunications company.
The program’s content on management and business concepts, is helping me improve my competence in the field of modern management enabling me to properly use my already gained engineering experience. After completing the program, my goal is to climb the corporate ladder and take the responsibility of one of the company’s directors where I would be able to improve my company’s productivity and efficiency.”

Mimoza Buxhovi, BSc, Kosovo
Pro Credit Bank Kosovo

What I will do after I finish my master’s studie...

After I finish my Engineering Management master’s studies I plan to continue with PHD studies straightaway. I actually like learning and being challenged with solving big problems and I feel that this fulfills me.
Knowing that, technical knowledge and solutions provided by engineers nowadays are quite successfully implemented in banking industry worldwide, with my research I would contribute in addressing risk management questions and issues in recently established banking sector in Kosovo as well. 
Considering that my ultimate goal is to become a University professor, I am interested to complement my fifteen year practical experience in banking with academic engineering knowledge and expertise. I also believe that, I could also move forward in the bank’s hierarchy and give considerable contribution as a future board member of any bank in Kosovo.

Fabian Hauser, BSc, Austria
Siemens AG

My impressions from the 1st module

After the first introduction of everyone I was very surprised of the diversity of nationalities and job fields the students were coming from. So the first contact was only a matter of time, because everyone was interested in each other. Also the lecture was diversified, interactive and every time open for discussions. Actually it was my first lecture that had my full attention for the whole day.

Dipl.-Ing.(FH) Simon Wartanian, Austria


I expected an international program, with international lecturers and participants. I expected tips and tricks how to handle practical problems in the management of a technical department. I also expected to build up a kind of knowledge-database by the provided content which I can use in the future. I also wanted to be a part of a small group in which individual questions and needs can still be handled in contrast to a mass-study. I also expected the other participants to have already working-background and similar questions as mine and the same interest in interacting and building up a network.

Anton Romanenko, BSc, Ukraine
The State Savings Bank of Ukraine

Enrollment process

The enrollment process wasn't really even noticed by me. It went smooth and fast. My case was somehow more difficult, I needed to prove my diploma, translate it to German etc.
Also I needed two separated payments in contract and it was made. Also it is a good thing when there are some questions and a conversation such: "why I want to learn here?" So I think the enrollment process does not need to be customized.

Georg Weitl, BSc, Austria
KPMG Advisory AG

From where did I get the first information about the program and what was the reason to attend?

After seeing a billboard about the postgraduate master programs offered by TU Wien and than visiting the website of the Engineering Management program I was sure that I had found the perfect master program for myself. It was exactly the program that I was looking for after I have finished my bachelor degree at Vienna University of Economics and Business and started working as I was looking for a program that would provide me with deeper knowledge and better understanding for technical and engineering topics and could be done beside continue working.

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