Alumni Voices

Dipl.-Ing. Pavol Bartko, Slovakia

When I was thinking over the advertisement of postgraduate study I was afraid of many things. Because I was not attending the course from beginning, one of my concerns was, how the group will integrate me. I was surprised by the warm welcome at the first moment and I recognised this is a group of people with similar interests, focused on a common goal to generate strength. Group strength has been always a force that has boosted humanity in many different ways. I expect to accomplish great achievements through the group effort. However we need to realize that what brings the strength in the group is not the theory behind the group, it is the persons themselves.

Padmanabhan Dasarathy, BSc, India
MODUL University, Vienna

I find the study program very intensive and is very well structured to deliver the right balance of engineering and management topics within the ime frame of a year. This was one of my main drivers to enroll this program and I am glad I did. The program is very practical and the focus is on industry application along with theory. Being an experienced IT professional I can right away see how some of the project management, production management and quality management can be applied in our projects. The program also covers a number of Business management topics such as marketing, finance, human, resources, operations, international law which are becoming quintessential knowledge areas for good engineering managers.

Siavash Dezfouli, Msc, Iran
TU Wien

This master program is designed and administered with professional and high qualified professors, courses contents, presentations slides, text books which are gathered to capitalize on the collective expertise of a highly qulified group of engineers so as to provide practical solutions and answers and techniques to the diverse challenges associated with the creation and operation of systems. Meanwhile Vienna retains the highest ranking for quality of life among the cities across the world from 2009, therfore it is recommended to come and visit this gorgeous and pleasant city.

Matthias Frick, BSc, Austria
HILTI Austria

The course materials are very comprehensive and well prepared and for each topic. We get the documents in a printed version at the beginning of the module and the presentations in digital form. In addition to the technical information we are discussing case studies to each topic. Especially the case studies are very important for us to understand what are the problems ans possibilities in the daily business. Summary: All the course materials are very good and up to date.

Ing. Leonardo Garcia Medina, Spain

One of this program´s strongest points is the topics are flexible enough to adapt themselves to the students' needs and expectations. Even though this master program´s content is very dense, it is not stressful. At the end of every track you are hunger for more because that knowledge is really useful in you day-by-day work.

Thomas Linder, Austria
Bluetechnix Mechatronische Systeme GmbH

During the course I experienced an extensive broadening of konwledge with deep insights into specific topics. Looking into the future, I expect to use this advantage to make the correct management decisions and introduce methods for reaching these. Currently, the most important goal will be to bring success to the enterprise - either being an employee myself or as head of a newly founded, innovation company. With th insights gained, I will be able to achieve this.

Juha Mantere, Finland
EULEX Kosovo

The multinational composition of the class gives an added value for the course, it was one of the reasons I wanted to join for the program. It allows to bond with people from different professional and cultural backgrounds., through it one can expand his/her knowledge of the 'small things' that often matter in daily life. It is esential in today´s international world we are living and working, the approach for the issues may vary a lot depending from the region one is operating. Therefore it is important to understand what your counterpart is meaning. "Common sense is hard to define, because all we define it diefferently". In addition, it is worth of mentioning the great friends & colleagues you make and the positive atmosphere of the whole program.

Dipl.-Ing. (FH), Dr.techn. Christof Pitter, Austria
Bluetechnix Mechatronische Systeme GmbH

At this Engineering Management course we communicate in English when lectures are being held because the teaching staff is from the US and Europe. The diversified faculty prepares their courses interesting and motivates us to critical thinking and dicsussions. They do not only teach theoretical knowledge, even though most of the professors are lecturing at a University. I´m benefiting most from their professional expertise and their practical implementation experience.

Mag. (FH) Christian Wenninger, Austria
Red Bull

Imaging a clossroom with around 10-15 international students from all over the world coming every few weeks together to listen and work together with international engineering manager. The program is unique in the setup and execution of teaching technical and management university expertise and offers you a professional environment to fill your brain with state-of-art engineering topics.

Stefanie Feichter, Austria

I'm still working in the same company but plan to change job next year. The biggest benefit is that I got a good understanding from the whole; not only from the management tasks but also from the engineering tasks and how they are connected. This is especially important in a small company like the one I'm working in. Before the program I realized that there is potential to improve the company but I didn't know what and how. Now, after the program, I know what has to be changed and how. Beside the professional skills I learned I also recognized a personal development that I got more confidence.

Michael Janosch, Austria

I started the Engineering Management program out of the position as an Engineer in the order processing and design department. One of my targets, within a few years, was to get into to the team leading position. A few months after finishing the EM program, I got the chance to become the Order Execution & Design Director for the Global Product Group. The additional skills, especially due to the multi-faceted lecturers and colleagues, are a big advantage in my daily business.

Michael Jungnitsch, Germany

Through the MSc Program Engineering Management I was able to work out a theory of corporate reorganization which I presented in my master thesis. What started in theory was applied in practice by merging three partially competing companies into one firm.
After going through this process I have now been promoted to become the Chief Regional Officer of Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia and Oceania. My new work base will soon be in Japan.

Herbert Jäger, Austria

I am working as R&D engineering specialist in a high-tech semiconductor company. In order to effectively apply my knowledge in the field of millimeter-wave electronics, communication, organization and 'people skills' are required. The managerial and business relevant skills, added by the EM course, greatly improved my position in relation to my superiors. Now that it is understood that competence in those fields is available on both sides, management and business topics can be discussed more to the point and communicated more clearly than before.

Marcel Koch, Switzerland

After finishing my Engineering Management MSc Program I'm working now almost a year in my previous job as a Structural Analysis Engineer in the airliner business. In October 2009 I'll start a new job as Product Development Engineer/Technical Project Leader. I succeed in making my next career step in between a very difficult economic situation. For me it is a very positive feedback on the investment in myself and the participance in the Engineering Management Program.

Augusto Tomas, Portugal

Before starting the EM program I was a Senior Engineer, with ambitions to escalate the management ladder. In the middle of the EM program I moved from Team Leader to Technical Manager. After the finishing of the EM program, I applied my Thesis: "Managing Team Excellence by Six Sigma through DMAIC model", in my workplace. The application of my thesis, consisted in developing a junior team to an expert level with strong cross-ties to the R&D. The customer Top Management gave a special mention to the Top Managment of my company that they never had so strong local support during the many critical points that we suffer.

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