Evening Lectures - Computers and Information Technologies

Zemanek started the evening lecture by describing his early life in Vienna. He talked about his engineering education and work in radar technology during World War II.

About his education, he said: "I was not bad at school. I had excellent tests and grades. So, I could have gone in many directions for my profession. I practically fulfilled an idea of my father. He had seen, as a business man in the industry, that it was the engineer who understood the business. So he wanted me to become an engineer and I agreed."

During the evening lecture he also talked about his connection to IBM:
"I had connections to IBM. I came to realize that the MAILUFTERL team could not be kept together on university grounds, simply because the University would not offer enough positions for all my assistants."
"I must really praise IBM. They have done a lot for me and have never, never tried to influence in a narrow company sense what I was doing. I had to respect IBM. That´s quite clear."

Finally he explained how computer computes the digits, and told us about the history of that.

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