Engineering Management Visit Kapsch TrafficCom and Kapsch Components

The EM group was welcomed by a brief presentation of the Kapsch Group in general and especially of Kapsch TrafficCom.

The Company was founded on 1892 by Johann Kapsch, originally producing communication equipment such as Morse-devices. Later the company was manufacturing electrical batteries, radio- and television devices. After World War II the Company was heavily involved to development and rebuild of the Austrian telephone network.

In the 1990´s the Company decided to expand the business to the field of telematics equipment, such as traffic control- and management systems. In order to make telematics as one of the core competencies of the company, several acquisitions of companies were carried out during 1999 - 2010. Today Kapsch is the world market leader in traffic control systems business with approximately 88% market share.

After this impressive introduction we had a tour through one of the production plant - Kapsch Components. The company has in Vienna production facilities of 6000m3. In this plant "Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs)" were produced and assembled with other components to modules of the tolling systems. Assembly is done mostly on fully automated lines. The newest was taken to the operation in 2008. In this line 100 000 components/hour could be attached on the PCBs. After assembling of the components the PCBs are conveyed through an automated soldering machine. The next step is quality inspection according to interantional standards including heating in an oven under N2 environment. The cycle time of the lines is 8 seconds.

Because of the very qualified guides our international EM group get a deeper insight in an Austrian Company and new experiences.

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