Probability and Statistics

  • Statistical Concepts
  • Regression Analysis
  • Applied Statistics
  • Design of Experiments
  • Statistics in Technology, Business and Management

Production Systems

  • Production Systems
  • System planning
  • Design and Implementation of Production Systems
  • Productivity
  • Maintenance
  • Trends in Production Systems

    Systems Engineering

    • Introduction to Systems
    • Tools of System Analysis
    • Simulation
    • Design for availability, maintainability and manufacturability
    • Systems Engineering Management

      Project Management & Logistics

      • Basic production systems planning principles
      • Types of production plants and systems
      • Project Manager, Project Team
      • Planning and Strategies
      • Conflicts and Solutions
      • Communication
      • Negotiating, Decision Making and Problem Solving
      • Fundamentals of Logistics
      • Material Flow Planning
      • Production Logistics
      • Production Optimization with Value Stream Mapping
      • Warehousing
      • Suplly Chain Management
      • Case studies


      • Technology and "New Technologies"
      • Control Engineering
      • Process- and Manufacturing Automation
      • Mechatronics
      • Robotics
      • Metrology and TQM
      • End of Life (EoL) Management
      • Ressource Efficiency
      • Micro-, Nano-, Femto- Atosystems
      • Technologies for SME´s
      • Furture Trends in Technology

      Selected companies of different sizes will be visited to verify the theoretical management skills.

      • Mobilkom Austria, Vienna, Austria
      • IGM Roboticsysteme, Györ, Hungary
      • Opel Powertrain, Aspern, Austria
      • Siemens Austria, Vienna, Austria
      • Diamond Aircraft, Wiener Neustadt, Austria
      • OMV, Schwechat, Austria
      • Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT), Vienna, Austria
      • Kapsch, Vienna, Austria
      • Robotics Lab., TU Wien, Austria
      • Metrology Lab., TU Wien, November 26, 2013, Austria
      • Capitalbank, Vienna, Austria


        • Fundamentals
        • Communicatin
        • e-Services
        • Availability
        • Cloud computing
        • Big data
        • Internet of Things (IoT)
        • Development Trends

               IT & Production

              • Fundamentals
              • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
              • Local Area Networks - LANs
              • CIM, IMS, agile manufacturing
              • Design for Environment (DFE)
              • Cyberphysical Systems (CPS), Production 4.0
              • Costs and Reliability
              • Social and ethical issues


                • Cost Data for Decision Making
                • Statement of Cash Flows
                • Financial Statement Analysis
                • Quality Costs & Reports
                • Computerized Accounting Systems


                • Financial Management
                • Forecasting & Planning
                • Replacement Decisions
                • Liability Management
                • Introduction to corporate Finance
                • Accounting Statements and Cash Flow
                • Working with Financial Statements
                • Long-term Financial Planning and Growth
                • Time Value of Money
                • How to value Bonds and Stocks
                • Alternative Investment Rules
                • Net Present Value and Capital Budgeting


                • Marketing Environment
                • Consumer Buying Behavior Channels and Physical Distribution
                • Advertising and Publicity
                • Pricing Decisions
                • Internet Marketing
                • Global Marketing
                • Ethics and Social Reponsibility

                Operations Management

                • Production and Operations Management
                • Productivity, Competitiveness and Strategy
                • Quality Management
                • Inventory Management
                • Forecasting
                • Design of Production Systems, Operating and Controlling
                • Sustainability

                Management Information Systems

                • Introduction
                • Digital Strategies
                • The Web
                • Types of Information Systems
                • Going Mobile in the Digital Age
                • Supply Chain Integration Systems
                • e-Business
                • e-Markets
                • Case studies

                International Law

                • EU and International Law
                • Contracting
                • Licensing
                • The Lawyer in a Company
                • Company Law
                • Mergers and Aquisitors
                • Methods of Payment

                Human Factors

                • Business and Engineering Communication
                • Creativity and Learning Skills
                • Ethics in Engineering
                • Presentations
                • Research Methods
                • Scientific Writing

                Master Thesis

                The Master´s Thesis is an important part of the postgraduate program. It serves for the consolidation and integration of what has been learned and establishes a link between theory and practice. Students are encouraged to choose a specific and practical problem from their occupational activity and to solve it by the acquired knowledge. A supervisor, who has the role of a mentor, will advice and support throughout the whole process.

                Some parts of finished theses are published in scientific journals and/or presented on scientific events.

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