MSc Program Engineering Management - Excursion: Robot Laboratory

At the end of the first track of Systems Engineering & Technology, the class of MSc Engineering Management 2015 made an excursion to the home of the world champions in robot soccer: The lab of Intelligent Handling- and Robotics – IHRT TU WIEN.
The students took a close look at soccer robots, robot prototypes, an industrial robot and the labs CNC machines:

The team of Prof. Kopacek won the world championships in robot soccer several times in different categories. In the category of nano robots they won the title every time. The small cuboids robots consist of two wheels, motor, drives, sensor and a battery and can move with a speed of up 30 km/h.
Archie is a cost oriented humanoid robot with highly accurate assembled gears and joins. Cost for one robot of the size of 140cm is approximately € 20 000. Currently the eyes (cameras) are in development. Because of the laws of physics two different lenses are required. One is used for short range (up to 80 cm) and another lens is used for long range (> 80 cm). The purpose of the robot is to support humans in their daily life.

 “Humi” is a robot with six wheels for humanitarian demining. The robot mainly consists of commercial parts which are available at low cost to make the robot affordable for landmine affected countries. The robot copies the way of human detecting by using a metal detector. A detection is indicated by an acoustic signal. Landmine detection in general has a high false alarm quote because a metal detector cannot differentiate between landmines and metal scrap.

The “Blue monster” as called by Prof. Kopacek is an industrial robot from Yaskawa Electric Corporation, which is a manufacturer of industrial robots for several applications like for example welding, assembly, material cutting (waterjet, plasma). The robot in the lab can either be controlled manually with a remote control or programmed to execute a defined sequence of movements. Examples of usage in the lab: playing the “hot wire” game, playing “4 wins”, picking up a Papa Smurf from the table This was tested hands on and very much enjoyed by our group.

Billy and Billine are two toy robots used for lab exercises. A very nice demo of Billines dancing capabilities was shown and can be also watched as video made by the tutor Julia: goo.gl/BpA1u4
For production of different parts  two CNC machines are in the lab. SolidWorks is used as the CAD system to provide input data for CNC machines.

For us it was a very nice and fun addition to the lectures what we had before especially the handling of “Papa Smurf” with the industrial robot.  We are looking forward to the next excursions.

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