MSc Program Engineering Mangement - first excursion at TU Wien

The Engineering Management Class 2019-2021 with Julia and Peter Kopacek

On November 26th, 2019 the Engineering Management class 2019-2021 made the first excursion to the TU Wien Mechatronics Lab.

The purpose of the lab is to have as much in-house manufacturing capability as possible in for example about 85% of a single soccer robot has been manufactured there.
Peter showed us two of the older production machines. The first was a turning machine from 1985 which is only manually operated. The second machine was a mechanized milling machine from 1985 as well.

Christoph explained us a 3-axis CNC machine about 90% automatized (except loading and unloading of the material/product). It can hold up to 30 tools with automatic changeover and features a high-speed spindle that turns up to 12000rpm. As an example he designed on a 3D CAD system a small aluminium cube with the TUW logo and produced for each of our ladies one piece as a souvenir.   
In the following “Fun” part Julia introduced us to the “Blue Monster” an articulated robot with 6 degrees of freedom and a maximum payload of 20kg. The robot can be manually operated via a Teach Panel. Each of us got the chance to try some maneuvers.

Next, we’ve been introduced to “Billy and Billine” one male and one female humanoid toy robots. Each has 18 servo motors, an IR sensor for distance measurement as well as a gyro-sensor for acceleration measurement.

We then got introduced to the World Champion Robot Soccer team AUSTRO. These mini-robots are almost completely manufactured in the Mechatronics lab and take part, very successful in the FIRA Miro- and Nano Sot league.

Finally we also learned some about Roby Space. This robot, based on the soccer robots was developed to attempt to harvest solar energy from the sun in space.
We would like to thank Professor Kopacek as well as Julia, Peter and Christoph for taking the time to show as well as to demonstrate the features of the TU Wien Mechatronics Lab.

Report from the participants Martin Monschein (AUT) and Min Gin (China / AUT)

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