Review: More than half time in the 1st Engineering Management Program

The first CEC/VUT Engineering Management Program is running very well. The participants from 6 different countries passed successfully the examinations and finished very engaged their project works. “We are now a compact group...
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Winner of the scholarship "Die Presse"

PRESSE-Scholarship for MSc Program "Engineering Management"
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Schorlarship of the Newspaper "Die Presse" - MSc Program Engineering Management

Schorlarhip of the Newspaper "Die Presse" amounting to € 15.000

MSc - Engineering Management
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Application Deadline for the class 2008-2009

July 31, 2008

Admission Interview

Individual appointments

Applicants are kindly requested to register for the individual interview (approximately 30 minutes). You will be...
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Winner of the "Presse" scholarship

Miss DI Stefanie Feichter is the winner of the "Die Presse" scholarship.

More details (in German)...
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Two TU Alumni Scholarships awarded

General Management MBA & MSc Program Engineering Management
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Die Presse Stipendium 2007 - Engineering Management

Stipendium 2007 im Wert von € 15.000

MSc - Engineering Management
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MSc Program Engineering Management - goes to AIT Austrian Institute of Technologie
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The Continuing Education Center at the MBA Day 2019
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MSc Engineering Management - the new video is online
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